Everyday Timeline

Everyday Timeline

Your Personal Journal. Record your Life, Save it Forever with Everyday Timeline

Press Release - Everyday Timeline

Wouldn't you love to have all your entries from every social network in one place? Everyday Timeline will do this for you! Everyday Timeline is a private timeline journal with photos/videos, maps, calendar, checkins, tagging, search and more. This journal/diary also imports and archives your activities from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. Capture your most important moments with Everyday.

Everyday works offline, and syncs automatically when back online. Find out what you were up to a year ago with our Blast from the Past, or record your mood this moment with our Smiley feature. You can also email anything to post@everyday.me to update your timeline journal. Attachments work too!

In addition to keeping all your social network activities in one place, you can add private content to each day. This additional content includes your mood, thoughts, locations, photos and videos. Everyday also offers a complete backup and export of your journal to Evernote or Dropbox, and provides detailed analytics on your history for additional insight and amusement.

We've had over five million journal entries in two months, and have been covered by Lifehacker, TechCrunch, and V3. Our Blast from the Past feature, which tells you what you were doing a year ago today, is opened everyday by 80% of our users.


★ Private and secure Passcode (PIN) lock

★ Import Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare

★ Weekly backup - Automatically backup to your Dropbox weekly.

★ Calendar - Search and organize by specific dates.

★ Backdate entries - Enter moments from the past

★ Blast from the past - Find out what you were doing a year ago.

★ Location checkins & search - Privately or via Foursquare

★ Tagging - Organize your posts by #keywords.

★ Search - Search by full text or tag.

★ Activity stats - Understand yourself better.

★ Periodic Reminders - Daily, 3X/week, or weekly.

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