A quick and easy tool to get your App in the press.

Create Your App's Profile

Create your AppLaunch submission with our 3-step process. We'll bring most of the details across from the App Store so you can focus on your pitch.

Add Promo Codes & Configure Extra Features

Configure AppLaunch extras such as uploading promo codes for automatic distribution & including a fully interactive In Browser Demo so reviewers don't even need to download the App to try it out!

Time to Distribute Your App!

Your app will be featured on the AppLaunch network and will be sent directly to reviewers at your chosen number of review sites in their local time-zones along with your screenshots, video (optional) and your press kit.

Reviewers Engage With Your App

As reviewers find your app & read your release they can download your press kit, request a promo code or try out your in-browser demo! Hopefully, all of these things will help to convince them that your app is perfect for their readers!

Watch your campaign analytics in real-time

Your AppLaunch overview panel will show real-time as reviewers view your app, request promo codes and download your press kit.