Happy Holidays from AppLaunch: 2012 In Review

Written by Chris M. on March 31 2013.

Happy Holidays from AppLaunch: 2012 In Review

Thank you for your support in 2012. Here’s what we did…

250 Apps Launched

We have worked with over 250 developers to launch their Apps to the App Press. For those of you included in this number – thank you and we are thrilled to have been a part of your App development journey.

For those of you not included, we look forward to working with you in 2013.

Over 1000 Reviews

..and almost 50,000 emails exchanged

Apparently we got pretty chatty this year. In achieving over 1000 reviews for submitted Apps (this number is likely an underestimate as it’s hard to find every one!) we’ve exchanged almost 50,000 emails with review sites including announcements, features, touching base, checking in, asking how the kids are. Seriously.

  • ~300 Emails received included ‘awesome’
  • 193 included ‘coffee’
  • 1 included a story of how they lost their pet pig.

Looking toward 2013

As we prepare to come out of beta, we are giving you the chance to lock in your current pricing, and pre-pay for your future app campaigns. Are you currently developing an App… don’t forget your marketing plan!

To keep things simple we are offering single credits and 5-credit bundles of our top-tier “Shuttle” plan. Credits never expire.