Zombie Food - No Candy for Halloween this year

Zombie Food - No Candy for Halloween this year

Help the zombie eat the correct food and don't touch the other items.

Press Release - Zombie Food - No Candy for Halloween this year

Suddenly over night all food became alive and you find yourself as an anchovy in a spooky world between scary meatballs, howling watermelons, bloodthirsty tomatoes and many more...

You are hungry - what now? Fortunately you have a quite precise understanding of what to eat and what food you rather don't touch. Try to collect all your food until your wish-list is complete...


!! 5 different chapters with progressing difficulty and different scenery

!! 18 unique hand drawn and fully animated game characters

!! 4 special skills to learn as you progress through the gameplay

!! invisibility-mode - hide for about a second

!! barbecue-mode - collect garlic to ignite the grill

!! electrical shock attack - very effective

!! twister attack - spin them all around

!! great visual effects such as fire, smoke and sparks

!! 4 atmospheric soundtracks

!! intuitive controls using taps & swipes

An action game that requires some sort of skill and offers a progressive & challenging gameplay. As speed and density is constantly increasing as you progress through the different chapters you will have to make use of your special moves and combine them to survive. From chapter 2 onwards you are able to make use of the barbecue mode. Collect three garlic bulbs to be able to trigger the grill and burn your way through the crush. In chapter 3 you will learn your electrical shock attack. Chapter 4 will provide you the ability to turn invisible for a second, whcih might be handy from time to time. Last but not least chapter 5 unlocks the twister attack, completing your full set of special moves that can be combined in any manner if available. By using any special skills you need either to wait a few seconds until they are recharged (a color flash will indicate the end of the reload phase). In case of the barbecue mode you will rely on another set of garlic bulbs to make use of it.

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