zipyap Launches New Social Simplification App on iTunes

Press Release - zipyap

Enables Users to Use All Their Social Networks From One Place

Dallas, TX; January 16, 2013 – zipyap has just announced that they have released

the official version of their app on iTunes. zipyap is a consumer based mobile app and

social platform that allows users to simplify their social life by connecting all their social

networks directly into the app.

zipyap, founded by brothers Tinh and Tuyen Nguyen, was conceptualized when they

realized there was an overload of social media activity and not one central platform to

control them all. The app not only allows you to view all of your social media networks

but also gives you the ability to post seamlessly across all of your social networks with a

click of the button. zipyap has also integrated an “explore” feature that helps you find the

right place for you depending on your mood. You can select from either relax, eat or play

and nearby places will instantly appear. zipyap’s proprietary social mediation technology

also allows you to view all of your friends “check-ins” and activity at the businesses

around you so you can make informed decisions on where you want to go. On top of

all these features, it also has its own social platform where users can upload pictures,

express how they are feeling, provide comments and more!

“We are excited to finally launch zipyap in the app store. Not only will we be able to

simply users social lives but we will also be able to help users find nearby services that

fit their specific mood. We will continue to innovate and integrate new features to cater to

our users.“ said Tinh Nguyen, Co-Founder of zipyap.

zipyap has plans to launch a merchant platform in the upcoming months. This will

allow local businesses to display exclusive deals and announcements to nearby users.

Merchants will be able to use a “self-serve” portal to cater to zipyap users by providing

them with special privileges for using the app.

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zipyap is a downloadable mobile app for smartphones that helps users simplify their

social life by creating a central platform where users can view and post to all of their

social networks. For more information on zipyap please visit -