You Twit Face

You Twit Face

The Fun App with the Funny Name that's actually quite useful.

Press Release - You Twit Face

Don’t you hate having to open both the Facebook and the Twitter Apps when you want to post something? Combine everything simply and easily with You Twit Face!

Use You Twit Face to switch easily back and forth between Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube without opening, closing or being logged into any of their separate apps. Enjoy a full on social media experience, and get all your posting done at once.

When you open You Twit Face, you’ll be prompted to log into your Facebook and Twitter accounts. These accounts will stay open until you manually log out of them. So whenever you open You Twit Face, your social media accounts will already be open and there for you to fully use and post with. Toggle cleanly back and forth between networks, and read special hand-selected social media articles and news from around the web!

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