Yatzy Online Free

Yatzy Online Free

Let's roll the dice!

Press Release - Yatzy Online Free

Are you ready to play Yatzy? Or Yahtzee or le Yams or Generala or Kniffel or Jatsi or Yacht-- these are just few of the names this classic game goes by!

Yatzy Online is an app range based on the classic dice game redone to seamlessly fit the devices and platforms that define social gaming today.

This app supports all the 3 major variations of the game: 5 dice International version, 5 dice Scandinavian version, as well as a 6 dice version.

Enjoy real time or turn-based gaming  and sync across devices and platforms in real time. Yatzy is quick and effortless!

Yatzy has continuously been on the top 10 list of dice games in many countries worldwide and has an average rating of over 4.5 (out of 5) in the store. 

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