XOL - Deadly Attraction

XOL - Deadly Attraction

Watch and interact with fully-animated cartoons!

Press Release - XOL - Deadly Attraction

Enter a comic book world entirely populated by robots! Interact with our hero, Roh, and help him make decisions as he transforms himself into a giant kungfu fighting robot!

Based on a bestselling comic book series and created by Peach Blossom Media, the Emmy-Award-winning animation studio, XOL will take users on the interactive adventure of a lifetime.

In a world entirely populated by robots, Roh, our young hero robot, found a piece of ancient tech called XOL that can turn him into a giant kungfu fighting robot. But first, he must learn how to control its power. Life is hard enough for a twelve year old boy robot, but now he also has to deal with the evil North King and his minions the Hunters Three who are after the XOL. Experience cartoons in a new way with this interactive app!


-High quality animation from Emmy Award winning animators.

-New episode, never before seen on TV or anywhere else

- iPhone/iPad interactivity allows you to experience the cartoon in a more immersive way.

-Swipe, tap and slide. Help Roh along on his adventure.

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