Wreck A Word

Wreck A Word

Wreck A Word, Have A Blast!

Press Release - Wreck A Word

Letters fall from the sky like Tetris blocks and it's up to you to make sense of them! When you turn the letters into a word, you get the satisfaction of watching a wrecking ball get the words out of there Wreck those words and move them out of your way before your screen fills up!

As you form words, be wary of letters with less points than others. The letters all have a point value a la Scrabble, so when you form a longer or more complicated word using a lesser used letter, you wrack up more points.

Most letter games use square letter tiles, but Wreck a Word challenges you with spheres, with free-flowing physics effects. This makes gameplay much more dynamic and challenging.

Wreck A Word gets progressively more challenging as you go - the letters fall faster and the bar where you can form words gets lower. The game is easy to pick up for a beginner, but has a strategic depth that makes it addictive to hardcore word fans.

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