World News Translate for iPhone

World News Translate for iPhone

Open up your world perspective!

Press Release - World News Translate for iPhone

Why allow one paper to influence your opinion when you can have all of the world’s newspapers at your finger tips? Develop a more well rounded view of world news events with World News Translate.

This revolutionary news translation app allows you to view a culturally diverse cross-section of news from around the world. 

WNT publishes the news both locally and globally in the language of your choice. Whether you want to hear about what happened down the road or on the other side of the world, you’re able to view news and events happening near and far from you.

You also have the opportunity to compare the reporting of major world events between your own local newspapers and newspapers published all over the world. You can get almost any newspaper translated into your language!

Everyone around the world should be able to voice an opinion on a news article. For that, we connect WNT to various social media outlets.

Our goal is to break down barriers between countries and develop a greater understanding of cultural differences apparent in the way news is reported.

Gain a larger perspective of an event and allow yourself a greater understanding of the world.  

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