Words Inside

Words Inside

The most addictive social word game!

Press Release - Words Inside

Do you like Boggle? Words Inside is a similar game where you find as many words as you can inside 9-letter word grids. Play for points against the clock in Arcade Mode or find words at your own pace in Casual Mode.

Words Inside is free to download and includes multiple nine-letter word grids for free. Premium themes designed to suit all interests and age groups are available to purchase in-App, each containing at least 15 new word grids. Enjoy finding all hidden words without ever having to wait around for anyone else to play their words!

A helping hand is only a tap away with the built-in hint button. Many free hints are included! You're also provided with the number of words that can possibly be found within a word. This way, you know not to quit until you're truly done!

Features include:

-FREE with no in-game advertising.

-Six free word grids to play with loads of great premium themes available to purchase.

-Play in arcade mode - 2 minutes against the clock to get as many points as you can.

-Play in casual mode - play for any length of time and pick up where you left off.

-Fun Game Center achievements to complete for points.

-Packed with free hints with additional hints available to purchase.

-Themes to suit all interests and age groups.

Challenge yourself to find all hidden words!

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