Wicked Devil

Wicked Devil

Time to escape from Hell!

Press Release - Wicked Devil

You're the Wicked Devil and you're bored of Hell. Time to escape! Use platforms, reactions and power-ups to jump through the pits of Hell, the eerie dark Underground, Oceans, Land, and finally into Outerspace and Beyond!

Watch out - the escape won't be easy! Extreme jumps, devilish traps, breakable platforms, explosives, monsters and more will be trying to put a stop to your ascent!

You're not alone in your escape - compare your scores and challenge your Facebook and Game Center friends, as well as grabbing all the achievements for bragging rights.

And to make this even more demonically addictive, the game is entirely FREE including all future updates, new levels and power-ups!

Embrace your wicked side and get ready to escape!


-3 Worlds

-60 Challenging Levels!

-180 Souls To Capture!

-Thousands of Small Souls To Collect!

-20+ Extremely Useful Power-Ups including: Huge Jumps, Save Yourself, Indestructible!

-Game Center Integration: Achievements! Leaderboards! Challenges!

-Compete with your Facebook friends!

-FREE updates forever!

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