White Flags

White Flags

Don't wave the white flag-- color it in!

Press Release - White Flags

How many flags from around the world can you remember? Do you know their exact colors?

White Flags will take you on a trip around the world.

The gameplay is quite simple. You’ll see a single white flag in front of you with the name of its corresponding country written underneath. All you have to do is color in the flag.

White Flags is divided into three levels of increasing difficulty. Your goal is to unlock 21 trophies from all over the world. If you can’t figure out the colors present in a flag, you can request a hint that eliminates a few of your color options, leaving you with less choices.

Once you have completed coloring a flag, it can be saved to your mobile device and used as a screensaver. You’ll also be able to share your colored flags on Facebook.

Get familiar with flags from all over the world and challenge yourself to explore!