What iGot

What iGot

An inventory styled app which helps you quickly keep track of what you've got, on the go.

Press Release - What iGot

What iGot is designed to be an easy to use app for quickly keeping track of the items that you have.

You add items to the list, call them whatever you like and set the amount you have and also an amount that when you are below, you should restock immediately. This shows the items in your list that are below the restock threshold as orange, so you can quickly see what needs restocking.

When you use an item, you can pull your phone out of your pocket and quickly tap and record that one item was used or swipe to use 100. It is designed for one hand use, and can be changed to suit left or right hand.

All items added or used are logged and you can view a list of items used/added, today, last week, last month etc. You can even email the list.

The app was designed with tradespeople in mind, to keep track of items in their van or the stock they are carrying, ie: tools, fixings, cable etc. But could really be used by anyone who needs to keep track of items they regularly use.