Voice Tweets! Voice Facebook Comments!

Press Release - WeVoice

When your friends have birthdays, you write 'Happy Birthday!' on their Facebook walls. When you want to ask someone a question on Twitter, you tweet at them. But have you ever wanted to stop writing and just leave a voice mail?

WeVoice allows you to record high quality audio messages directly onto your friends' Facebook walls and Twitter feeds without having to call them. Just hit the red 'record' button and begin recording. Place your recording directly on your social media website of choice. You can record messages that are up to 20 seconds long and can make multiple recordings at once if you need to leave a longer message.

Select the 'Save' button to save the audio file to your WeVoice audio clip library for future reference. Sending your WeVoice audio clip to Facebook and Twitter is quick, easy and intuitive. Your audio clips remain active and audible online for 60 days. Express more emotion with audio instead of text !

WeVoice Screenshots