Pinch and fold open your weeks!

Press Release - weekflow

Weekflow offers a visceral navigation experience through your schedule. Why thumb through individual calendar months when you can scroll through an infinite stream of weeks? Weekflow displays up to 10 weeks at a glance, so you can get an overview of multiple months-even years- which makes long-term planning a whole lot easier.

Weekflow also shows when you’re busiest each week and which calendar categories those events are assigned to. Simply pinch to fold open any week for details and tap for the complete daily view.

In the main screen, each row represents a week. The width of the individual days shows you when you are busiest that week. Three different modes help you to get the best view. These view modes are:

'Average': The colors are mixed from the different calendars with events on that day.

'Top': The colors are determined by the calendar category that takes the most time on that day.

'Heat Map': With the help of a color scale from yellow to red the total time taken by events on that day is displayed.

Weekflow offers the possibility to create events with unclear dates. You made plans to meet up with friends on Saturday evening but don't know the exact date yet? With weekflow it is now possible to mathematically figure out such events!

Weekflow is beautiful and simple- See everything at a glance with detail just a pinch away.