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Press Release - WebcomiX

WebcomiX gathers together 50 of the worlds finest web (or online) comics and makes them available in a single app. Not only is the app optimised for iPad and iPhone but the controls are consistent over all the comics. This makes browsing back and forth between comics and episodes a doddle.

Web Comics are comics that are created and distributed primarily online. Their subjects range from real life to video gaming, from politics to religion, from humour to adventure. Their format can be anything from three panels (like Peanuts or Doonesbury) to a whole page of action. They are usually updated several times a week depending on their complexity.

Of the three screens, the first is your "Library" screen. Here you have all your favourites comics available at start up. Each has a indicator to show if there are episodes you haven't read yet. The next screen is a list of all the comics sortable by name and genre. From here you can view any comic and add it to your library. The final screen is the viewer screen. Here you can go to the first, last, previous and next episodes. You can also go to specific episodes and random ones. Everything is sharable by twitter or e-mail.

One of the unique selling points of the app (even though it's free) is that for comics where the story continues episode after episode, it remembers where you are. This way you can carry on reading from where you left off. Most of the comics web sites do not even have this feature, so you would have to visit the site, skip back to where you left off and then cary on from there.

The comics featured include XKCD, Penny Arcade, CAD, as well as many lesser known ones. There is really something here for everyone. Having said that, some can be a little bit rude. So beware.

Finally, unlike some other apps, the comics are displayed in their original web pages. This means that the web sites adverts are displayed. Now while you may think this is bad, this helps the authors and keeps the comics free.

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