Wave Timer

Wave Timer

Hands-Free, Gesture Based Timer & Alarm

Press Release - Wave Timer

Imagine if you could just wave your hand to magically turn off your alarm, instead of having to fiddle around for the 'off' button. With 'Wave Timer' for iPhone, you can!

Utilizing Motion Control and detection, you never need to touch your phone again to turn off your alarm- just wave your hand over the device when the alarm is sounding, and Wave Timer will silence the alarm for you! You can easily set the timer for as much or as little time as you like, from one second to 12 hours. You can also choose the sound of your alarm. Wave Timer has multiple alarm sound options including Marimba, Ocean, Rain Forest, and more!

Use Wave Timer as a kitchen timer, a task timer, or an exercise timer. No more getting your phone dirty as you cook, clean, exercise, or do anything where your hands might be busy!

Inspired by the award winning Wave Alarm - Motion Control Alarm Clock application by Augmented Minds, Wave Timer is especially suited for cooking, cleaning, and other activities where you may find yourself having to scramble to turn off the timer with full or dirty hands. Never have to fiddle to find an 'off' button ever again!

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