Record and share your voice on multiple social networks

Press Release - VoiceByte

Why type it when you can say it? Why read it when you can hear it? For those times when you want to express something beyond the normal status update, VoiceByte lets you share your emotions and excitement vocally.

VoiceByte is an exciting new app that lets you easily record and share a 15-second audio broadcast on Facebook and Twitter!


- Let everyone HEAR you on Facebook and Twitter – VoiceBytes can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter so your voice and audio can be heard by all your friends and followers. Stand out from the crowd on social media with VoiceByte!

- ATTACH A PHOTO and ADD A VOICE-OVER to capture life’s precious moments. Tell all your friends what’s going on in your photos, and add all the insider details.

- EMOTIONAL and FUN way to communicate. Even the best writers can find it hard to convey tone with text. It’s effortless to convey emotion with your voice.

- QUICK and CONVENIENT. No more correcting typos, and no need to stay still as you record. Update your wall or feed on the go!

- SIMPLE and EASY TO USE. Anyone can use VoiceByte. The app has a clean, simple design and an intuitive interface that’s accessible to people of all ages.

- SHOWCASE your vocal skills. VoiceByte is ideal for people who want to tell a joke, express an opinion or sing a song. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

- LISTEN and INTERACT with your favourite celebrities and sports heroes to HEAR what they have to say and also TALK back to them. With celebrities on VoiceByte you know you're getting the REAL thing instead of reading text that could have been typed out by an assistant.

- EASILY KEEP IN TOUCH with all of your overseas friends and family without worrying about different time zones. Enjoy the convenience of a continuous online conversation. -http://applaunch.us/press-release/voicebyte--5