Is your site down? How would you know?

Press Release - Vigil

If your site goes down, will your customers find out before you do? Don't let that happen- use Vigil to monitor all of your websites. We'll monitor your sites 24/7 and push notify you if your site goes down!

If you've ever gotten an email from a potential customer telling you they can't access your website, you know the anguish of being the last to know about your own business. Even though we all should be monitoring our websites all the time, it's sometimes hard to implement a steady monitoring policy. With Vigil, you can set up automatic monitoring right from your iPhone.

Just type in a URL, and Vigil will take care of the rest. You can:

- Add an unlimited number of sites

- Get one-touch ping notifications

- Sync between multiple devices

We will:

- Monitor your site from our servers

- Automatically send you push notifications if your site is down

- Send you a push notification when your site is back up

- Show you a graph of your site's performance for the last hour

Vigil is only .99 and includes one month of free monitoring. A 12 month subscription is currently 50% off at $9.99!

Never worry that your site might be down ever again!