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Press Release - vidwala

Vidwala gives you access to high-quality shows produced by independent video producers. Enjoy free episodes of new shows and download them for off-line viewing. Unlike many subscription TV show viewers, Vidwala offers free viewing with no monthly subscription fees!

Once you download Vidwala, you'll have access to a multitude of free shows, as well as some premium ones. Pay only for the premium shows that you'd like to see via in App purchase. Vidwala supports independent producers and by bringing the ease of in-App purchase to the indie content space, Vidwala is empowering indie content ecosystem to be sustainable. Therefore, if you like a show, keep watching and possibly purchase it- you will be helping producers to create more episodes!

Between UGC focused YouTube and big budget focused iTunes, there is an awesome growing marketplace for indie content. Our goal at Vidwala is to help producers with financial sustainability and to help users with amazing content discovery!

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