urbi - carsharing aggregator

urbi - carsharing aggregator

Easily find and book the nearest car sharing with one single app!

Press Release - urbi - carsharing aggregator

Are you a car sharing user? Did you subscribe to more than one service?

Find and Book your nearest car sharing car, all in one app. No registration required!
Do you want to be notified when a car is free nearby you? With the new radar function it is easy and the batman jingle will let you know when a car is found!

Supported cities and providers:
GERMANY - car2go, car2go Black, Drivenow, Multicity, Jaano, Bike Sharing in: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Köln, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Düsseldorf

- MILAN: Car2go, enjoy ( car and scooter), Share'n'Go, GuidaMi, e-vai, BikeMi
- ROME: Car2go, enjoy and “Roma Sharing”
- FLORENCE: Car2go, enjoy, Share'n'Go and GirACI
- TURIN: Car2go, enjoy, "CarSharing Torino", [TO]Bike

and all the cities in the ICS network and with Bike Sharing: Venice, Padua, Bologna, Genoa, Parma, Cagliari, Palermo.
Cagliari with PlayCar.

WIEN: car2go, Drivenow and Bike Sharing in Wien
COPENHAGEN: car2go and Drivenow
STOCKHOLM: car2go and Drivenow
...stay tuned, we're adding more!

Other features:
- Fare calculator: view the different "best fare" or "best time" options for your trip. Taxi and UBER are included in the offer.
- Booking History: you can find them in the booking section. You can now keep track of all your past and present bookings
- If you have iOS8 you can add URBI to the "Today Widget" to view the current booking
- No internet connection on your phone? No problem. URBI shows you the nearest areas covered by “Wifi-Hotspots,” also OFFLINE!
- Operational areas of the free floating services enableable
- Parking and Gas stations
- Traffic!
- SHAKE the phone to refresh the data!

*if you do not want to fill in your log in details of the different car sharing services, you can always open the official app by clicking the icon in the top bar.
*when you have booked an enJoy car, do not forget to wait for the confirmation e-mail or SMS.
*This product uses the car2go API but is not endorsed or certified by car2go
*Bike data is collected from the great guys of CityBik.es

If you have any feedback, please contact us!!

Find us on Facebook: https://fb.com/urbimobility

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