Aim to make the World better, one challenge at a time

Press Release - Uevoc

Challenge anyone, anywhere, anytime for fun or rewards using your mobile device! The evolution of challenge is here and it all begins with U!


Quickly and easily challenge your friends and family using your mobile device. Create challenges for fun or rewards- it’s up to U! Discover and join popular challenges nearby or create your own public challenges for anyone to join. The evolution of challenge has arrived = location + video + social. Are U on board?


•Challenge your friends and family using your IPhone or Android device.

•Discover and join popular public challenges near U

•Share your favourite public challenges with friends and followers

•Quickly and easily invite friends to join you on Uevoc

•Add ‘location’ and ‘tags’ to help others discover your public challenges

•Discover popular users nearby (popular based on number of followers)

•Follow users creating challenges that you like

•Build up your own list of local, national, international followers

•Promote yourself or your company by creating public challenges

•Get involved with text, picture and video responses on any / all challenges

•Join ‘sponsored’ public challenges and receive rewards

•Make new friends – if U follow someone, and they follow U back, U can challenge each other!


•We are a small team and have created the best app possible given limited resources – please help us make the experience better and let us know if you find any issues or have any ideas for how we can make this app great – together we are stronger!

•When using Uevoc in offline mode, U will not be able to add location to public challenges. In addition, any challenges you create will be automatically 'sent' when next online. Equally, certain lists of challenges will not appear when offline.

•Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

•Now go download the app and create your first challenge!! -http://applaunch.us/press-release/uevoc