An App for couples!

Press Release - Twyxt

Share memories, dates, photos and calendars with your significant other- and no one else. Twyxt is an app for couples to capture memories while you share, have fun and get things done. A private and secure social network for two- you and the one you love. Send messages while you post events, photos and moods. Never miss a heartbeat with Twyxt.

Twyxt's unique features include a direct messenger for two and shared calendars and lists that give couples a private space on their iPhone to communicate, share moods and photos, and cherish their relationship together.

Twyxt offers:

-A UNIQUE MESSAGING EXPERIENCE - Share moods, photos and more right from the messenger. We know couples have more to say than simple chit chat!

-A CALENDAR BUILT FOR TWO - Create events and assign them to each other, or both of you! Plus, with your photos displayed in the calendar as you post them, reminiscing has never been easier, or more fun.

-MOODS - A simple new take on an old favorite. Let him know when you could use a hug, or could hug the world!

-FUN - Playful features like Freeze allow you to give the proverbial cold shoulder. Plus, send Urgent Messages to multiple inboxes with the flick of a finger!

Twyxt enables:

-Better communication

-Better coordination

-Exciting new ways to reminisce

-The space your relationship deserves

The word "Twyxt" (a shortening of the old English "Betwixt" meaning between two) is an ode to the days of pen & ink- when letters were sealed with a kiss and delivered by hand to a delighted lover. These letters were cherished and kept safely in boxes, and would later serve to comprise the story of a meaningful love. Twyxt aims to carry this tactile experience of love into the digital age, and create new ways for that story to be written.

It's between us.