Twisted Ways

Twisted Ways

Your kangaroo is in the sky!

Press Release - Twisted Ways

You are a Kangaroo on a mission! Keep hopping on sky-high blocks and don't make any wrong moves- your life depends on it!

Twisted Ways will have you hopping from one block to another in this challenging puzzle game. Try to stay afloat! You've gotta keep walking on the twisting blocks until you reach a ladder that will take you to the next level. Watch out- the blocks you walk on can send you spiraling to the ground! Follow the arrows on the blocks to figure out whether the block will twist 90 or 180 degrees left or right. The degree of the twist is given by the color of the block.

Before you know it, you'll either end up at the next level, on a safe block, or splatting on the pavement below!

Twisted Ways Screenshots