Time Stopper

Time Stopper

Ever wanted to stop time. Now you can! Or not!

Press Release - Time Stopper

Do you feel that days go by too fast?

Ever dreamt of being able to stop time?

Here you go! Stop time at will with this amazing app!

Time Stopper does everything a normal timer would do- it’s a clock, a timer, a stopwatch, and an alarm all rolled into one. And it also has the ability to stop time.  

Be advised that the time stopping functionality in this app is for entertainment purposes only and is not real!

Just push the Stop Time button, and you’ll gain more time. If you’re in the TimeStop mode and you push ‘Stop Time,’ the app will add 5 minutes to the current time. You will then see a clock that includes all time stops by all Time Stopper users.

Also, please be careful as the effects of global time stopping have not been fully researched.