Throw Em Balls

Throw Em Balls

You need balls to play this game, Are you ready?

Press Release - Throw Em Balls

Throw Em Balls brings you not one, not two, but FIVE of your favorite sports, all in one awesome App! Use the rules of physics to select the right angles to get your basketball in the hoop, your tennis ball over the net, or your golf ball in the hole. Beat your score and the scores of other live players in order to get the best high score in the world!

Throw Em Balls offers the latest in addictive gameplay and realistic graphics. You will get to play your favorite sport in a beautiful arena or stadium with the sounds of a crowd cheering you on. Choose from five sports including Basketball, Tennis, Golf and Ping Pong. As your score increases, you'll be able to unlock more sports and play even more games.

As you play Throw Em Balls, interact with your social network of choice and post your scores! Share your best games and view the high scores of your friends!

Throw Em Balls *Features*

- 5 Levels

- 5 Sports

- Realistic Physics Engine

- Unique Scoring System

- iPhone 5 Support

- iOS 6 Support

-Uses Full Screen of iPhone 5

- Stunning Graphics

- Retina Display Support

- Game Center Integration

- Unlockable Achievements

- Facebook & Twitter Score Sharing

- In App Store

*What's Next*

- Even More Levels

- Even More Sports

- Even More FUN!!

Throw Em Balls Screenshots