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Press Release - thinkandgrowrichstickability

The Think And Grow Rich Stickability audio app puts your learning into overdrive helping you achieve your goals faster; finance, health, money, success,


“Another great release from the Napoleon Hill Foundation—outstanding!”
—Mike Helton, president of NASCAR
“To succeed in life and business, we all need Stickability.”
—Brian Tracy, international bestselling author
“This book is worth its weight in gold.”
—Richard Cohn, Beyond Words Publishing, publisher of The Secret
“To achieve the success you truly deserve, read this book today.”
—James Amos, chairman of Tasti D-Lite
“Keep this book on your nightstand and read it daily.”
—Bob Proctor, founder of LifeSuccess
“Every patriotic, free-enterprising American must read, absorb, and use this timely wisdom.”
—Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
“Stickability is an important reminder toward the power of perseverance.”
—Les Brown, The Motivator
“Stickability is an inspiring read, and I recommend it highly.”
—Dave Liniger, co-founder of RE/MAX
“The perfect book at the perfect time!”
—Tracey Jones, president of Tremendous Life Books
“The information contained in this book is both poignant and illuminating. Read it, use it, and see what
a difference it will make in your life.”
—Harry Paul, co-author of Fish!
“Mr. [Napoleon] Hill would not only approve of this book, but would promote it with vigor.”
—David M. Corbin, author of Illuminate

By combining the age-old practice of meditation with the proven principles of success from Greg Reid’s Think And Grow Rich Stickability book we have created a unique accelerated learning program just for you. Meditation and learning go hand-in-hand but up until new technology was introduced meditation was something that took years to master, but who has time for that? Now with our patented meditation technology you can enjoy the many benefits of meditation and accelerate your learning of the books principals today!

Now you can listen to the wisdom of this book on the go!

Tune out the noise and tune into the principles of this book through a relaxing yet powerful personalized patented meditation program.

This HeroUniverse Learning Program, accelerates your learning of the author’s wisdom through personalized meditations and fast and easy autosuggestion. This custom program offers customers a new way to enhance and enrich their lives every day.

Listen, learn and meditate to these timeless words of wisdom whenever and wherever you are.

Download the app, to listen and learn on the go.

Immerse yourself in a meditation that focuses on one principle at a time, anytime and anywhere.

Now for the first time ever, you can turn on a good book and easily learn the author’s principles through meditation. Sit back, listen and learn.

-Accelerated learning of the authors principles through personalized custom meditations.
-Chapters are condensed down to principles only for a quick, precise and focused listening and learning experience.
-Principles have been recreated in the first person perspective providing a personal narrative, easy assimilation and quick learning by the subconscious.
-Reinforcement of the principles is fast and easy with our exclusive BONUS –Autosuggestion feature. Listen to this audio without having to meditate. Listen anywhere, on your smartphone or tablet, or on your iPod or computer.
-Enjoy relaxing binaural music and nature sounds with our FREE music library

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