The Wired Bunch

The Wired Bunch

Saddle up with Marshal Ram for a futuristic, wild west adventure in this interactive storybook for the iPad.

Press Release - The Wired Bunch

Do you miss watching Saturday morning cartoons? Weren't they amazingly fun and enjoyable? Do you wish you could watch shows like all the time? If you or your little one loves a good show and a good story, cartoon style, you should try The Wired Bunch.

The Wired Bunch is an original interactive cartoon story about Cowboy Robots. It's based on the old Saturday morning Hanna-Barbera cartoons. You can read, watch illustrations, and listen to the story all at once. The Wild Bunch is professionally narrated and beautifully illustrated.

Follow Marshal Ram and his five deputies as they fight bandit bots in the wired west! The evil robots are out to destroy the west, and only Marshal and his team can save the day.

Sharing features are also a direct part of The Wired Bunch. The Wired Bunch is user interactive, so you can read character profiles, read along with the narrator, and even shop at the general store in the App. Get ready to be swept right into the world of the wired west!

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