The Matching Pairs Game 2

The Matching Pairs Game 2

Train your memory to match!

Press Release - The Matching Pairs Game 2

Match fruits, match monsters, match animal sounds! Match and win!

Enjoy the challenge of a concentration game where you uncover matching pairs of cards with the least possible number of clicks. Fun is guaranteed with the Matching Cards Game 2, as you get to match 5 different card themes! And you’re not even limited to pictures! The Matching Pairs Game 2 introduces sound themes! Can you match the animal sound to the correct picture?

The game board is adjustable and can hold up to 48 cards! Three degrees of difficulty are available, from easy to extremely challenging. The game runs on any Apple iPad and can be played alone or with up to 4 players.

The integrated statistics function contains a great deal of interesting information. You can examine how often games were won, how many steps were needed to win, how often solitaire mode was played and much more.

  • Two or Three of a kind game mode

  • 5 themes included: Animals (with sounds!), Doodles, Fruits, Jobs, and Monsters

  • Create custom themes with your own pictures.

  • Play with up to 3 players or against the computer.

  • Customize the cards with several choices.

  • Match both pictures and sounds!

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