The Howler

The Howler

Control an entire game by voice!

Press Release - The Howler

Are you ready for a game where you can do everything by voice?  In Howler, any noise will push your hot air balloon up.  Keep quiet and your balloon will descend. You can even drop parcels or bombs by making short loud noises.

Howler is set in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania- a city where you can see hot air balloons flying over the roofs of Old Town every day when the weather is clear. Most of the places and buildings you see in the game actually exist in Vilnius today. Come to Vilnius to see them in real life!

The game gives you 16 missions to complete. You can complete the missions completely by voice or by touch. Each mission is unique - complete each task to go on to the next one. All missions are in Vilnius in 1905. Vilnius is roamed by dirigibles, air balloons and steam carriages. Alchemists and mechanics build and operate incredible machines and automatons. Powerful neighbors feel challenged by the innovations of the free city.  

Howler is a mix of action, adventure, and puzzle solving. Each level of the game is unique piece of art - all the images were hand-drawn on paper in an old-fashioned way. Let the beautiful adventure begin!