The Categories Game

The Categories Game

Name a word for every letter!

Press Release - The Categories Game

Can you name a Country starting with "G"? What about an NBA Team? A Mountain? A Biblical Name? A Constellation? An Oscar Nominated Actor? Now how about naming each of those starting with the letter 'B'

Prove you are the "Lord of the Words" while playing The Categories Game. Explore 35+ categories and get addicted to the challenge!

Connect with Facebook to find and play with your friends, or choose your opponents randomly.

Challenge your word skills, earn coins, and buy new categories!

With the FREE Version you will be able to play with: Fruits, Vegetables, Capitals, Countries, Human Body Parts, Candies, States, NBA Teams, NBA Players, Tennis Players, Animated Series, TV Shows, Car Brands, Airlines, USA Universities, Chemical elements and Colors!!

PREMIUM CATEGORIES: NFL Teams, Mountains, UFC Fighters, Biblical Names, Golf Players, Swimmers, F1 Pilots, Famous Actors, Famous Actresses, Movies, Directors, Oscar Nominee Actors, Oscar Nominee Actresses, Singers, Bands, Banks, Landmarks, Professions, Constellations, Diseases.

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