The Big Picture!

The Big Picture!

Can you solve the story in the Big Picture?

Press Release - The Big Picture!

How many stories can one picture tell? The Big Picture will have you pushing the limit!

The Big Picture! is a puzzle game with over 200 brain-teasers made up of words, photos and scrambles.

Like other picture puzzle games, each picture tells a story, but The Big Picture! images tell multiple tales. There’s usually more than one direction that each puzzle can go.

If you’re in need of help, assistance is provided crossword puzzle-style. Sometimes, however, even the hints are tricky! Use coins to buy hints, and earn coins with each puzzle solved. Ask your friends for help, or post a puzzle so they can help you solve it. Post a brag when you solve an especially challenging puzzle.

The Big Picture! was created by long-time game industry vets from EA, Apple, Zynga, ngmoco:) and others. We're looking to create fun, accessible, smart mobile games... because those are what we like to play.

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