Temporary Lock

Temporary Lock

Keep your secrets safe!

Press Release - Temporary Lock

Five star, rave-reviewed Temporary Lock is back and re-released better than ever!

Don't you hate the hassle of putting a lock on your phone and then having to enter the code every time you grab your phone? Temporary Lock allows you to lock your phone temporarily whenever you need to. If you're in a public place with lots of people around, such as the beach or the pool, the mall or the office, you can just activate Temporary Lock with the push of a button, and your phone will quickly lock.

If you're around inquisitive children for awhile, you never need to change the lock settings on your phone. Just quickly activate your Temporary Lock App with the push of a button, and your phone will be secure. With this App, you won't have to use your preset PIN code every time you leave your phone alone for a second.

Some of our Google Play store reviews:

"I love to use it when I leave my phone unattended at work."- Carly

"My new boyfriend wont be able to peek into my phone while I'm in the shower now. Five Stars!" -Julie

Once the correct (preset) PIN is entered the Lock is turned off and the phone goes back to Swipe lock mode. You have the option of keeping the App on "Standby/No Lock" mode, where your phone will be free to use without a pin. Also, the pro-version of Temporary Lock includes widgets which provide instant controls from your phone's main screen.

Use Temporarily lock to protect your email, photos, texts, and documents from all sorts of prying eyes, and save yourself lots of time having to enter a PIN over and over when no one's around.

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