tadaa - HD Pro Camera

tadaa - HD Pro Camera

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Press Release - tadaa - HD Pro Camera

tadaa offers some of the best photo editing tools on iOS, all for free! Enjoy the power and sophistication of this App and share your final creations with friends!

Start by editing either a photo you've taken on tadaa or one from your mobile library. Once you've selected your photo, you can choose which part of it to edit and focus on, or you can edit the whole thing. First, you can move, scale, or rotate the photo. Then, you can change the brightness, contrast and saturation of the photo or a selection within the photo. You can change your photo's HD Clarity, choose parts of the photo to blur, highlight, or vignette, or you can perform these actions on all of the photo. You can then put a filter on the photo or selections of it. Once you're finished editing the photo, you have the option of giving the photo a frame- and you have over twenty frame options! You can go back and change your edits at any time.

Your photos will save with the option of adding the location they were taken in. You can share your creations on Facebook or Twitter, send them via email, or keep them for yourself. You even have the option of adding a caption to your photo.

Use tadaa to check out other user photos and follow people whose photos you like. Then find friends on tadda and 'like' their creations while they 'like' yours!

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