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Press Release - SwipeSpeare

Shakespeare has all the ingredients of a big budget movie-- but can you understand him? SwipeSpeare puts the Bard's words into plain and simple English with a Swipe of a finger!

SwipeSpeare makes reading Shakespeare straightforward and easy. Select a Shakespeare play and choose whether you want to see the text in Shakespearean or modern English. Once the play loads, you can swipe a passage to switch it back to modern English or to Shakespearean text.

"Students and teachers of Shakespeare suffer the slings and arrows of older English on a daily basis," said Scott LaCounte, the co-owner of Golgotha Press, "but it doesn't have to be that way. We've updated the language and built an interface that makes switching between old and modern English a breeze."

Unlike other apps that put the original and modern side-by-side in a way that is distracting and hard to read, SwipeSpeare only shows you the modern text when you want to see it. Simply swipe your finger over the text, and the text will change; swipe it again and it will change back.

This app features:

-FREE built in (and searchable) Shakespeare Dictionary

-FREE Shakespeare biography

-FREE "Swipeable" copy of Romeo and Juliet

-Every Shakespeare play in it's original form and ALSO translated into modern English!

-Study Guides for every major play with more on the way

-Lesson Plans for every major play with more on the way

Don't let this be the winter of your discontent! Let Swipespeare make all the Bard's plays a breeze to read!

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