Super Flud Phil

Super Flud Phil

Fast maze colouring action with hundreds of fruit explosions!

Press Release - Super Flud Phil

Flud Phil is a blue one-eyed monster whose task is to save an alien race on their dying planet plagued by poisonous fog.

Help him clean the air and transform the planet into colourful sectors one by one!

Nostalgic arcade gameplay reminiscent of the 70's and 80's with a few new twists!

- Play against 2, 4, 6 or 8 aliens
- Wander through many different mazes
- Play them in any order
- Establish and beat 4 Hi-scores in every maze
- Travel through all the hidden paths and see the poisonous fog disappear gradually
- Change land plot colours by shooting bombs at their intersections and corners
- Watch the plots explode with hundreds of fruit in an electrical frenzy
- Chase after wandering fruit as they escape down the paths
- Play strategically and earn huge bonus points
- Listen to amusing stereo sound effects

If you enjoyed Pacman, Qbert, Qix or Paint Roller arcade games, you'll love Flud Phil!

By Yvan Lavoie

Super Flud Phil Screenshots