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Stretch HD

Stretch HD - your comprehensive video stretching library

Press Release - Stretch HD


If you’ve ever wanted to improve flexibility but weren’t sure about the right way to go about it, the Stretch HD FREE video stretching library could be your go-anywhere saviour.

Developed by an Australian physiotherapist working with all people of ability levels – from sedentary through to pro athlete – this app contains over 60 HD stretch videos.

Each video has been created using the latest thinking and techniques and is shot in super-clear HD to make sure you can get your stretches exactly right.

Initially developed for the general public, the Stretch HD app is also suitable for medical professionals and sports trainers to augment patient and client communication and outcomes. The balanced mix of technical and lay-terms facilitate clear communication to patients.

Included stretches are suitable for all levels of ability, including people with low back pain, those with postural issues at work, people recovering from injuries or post-operative rehab, right through to fit and healthy athletes. The ‘Share’ function also allows seamless email distribution of stretches.

Best thing is, the Stretch HD app is free!

• Over 60 HD videos, covering every ability level

• Informative instruction screens for each stretch

• User-friendly & intuitive 

• Stretch by suggested area, or create your own personalised routine in the ‘Favorites’ section
• Stretching theory (including a literature review of current research), FAQs and a glossary

• Play your own music while you stretch


Stretch HD was created by physiotherapist Karn Ghosh, after he found many of his patients were unfamiliar with common stretching techniques. Crucially, there wasn’t a high quality, evidence-based video stretching app available to help them.


While the main Stretch HD app is completely free, for a small extra in-app purchase users can also gain access to bonus content and features, including:
• The ‘Posture Pack’
- Definition of good posture

- Good sitting / standing posture

- Postural correction videos
• Multiple ‘Suggested Routines’ for many common sports
• Search by area, using the anatomical model

Download Stretch HD today! From the team at SportsMed Studio - en bonne santé