StickMe Notes with Voice..

StickMe Notes with Voice..

Everything important, Noted!

Press Release - StickMe Notes with Voice..

Are you ready to organize your to-do list? Create notes in multiple forms to find what works best for you! Hate the boring old text notes? Try a photo or a voice note. Write in digital ink with your fingers.

Stick your notes to a virtual notice board or set as your lockscreen image to use as a quick reminder.

Set alarms and passwords for your notes. Cross them off your list. Make them invisible to prying eyes. StickMe Notes is fully customizable- use it to capture ideas on the fly, create action items and set up personal reminders.


Make Quick Notes

-Write in digital ink with your finger

- Type using inbuilt keyboard

- Record voice note

-Take a picture or choose one from your camera roll to create a photo note

-Re-size note and stick it anywhere on the notice board

Organize Notes with Ease

- Drag & drop notes to side menu for quick action- alarm, delete and password protect

-Add pin to mark notes as 'Important'

-Sort notes basis importance or date of creation

-Set alarm for your notes

Personalize Notes and Share Instantly

-Set default sticky note from available options

-Choose notice board background from available themes or set picture of choice

-Use the fully loaded text & draw toolbar with multiple font styles, sizes, thickness, colors

-Set note as wallpaper or lockscreen

-Share notes via email and facebook

Premium Features

-Unlimited sticky notes in multiple colors

-Notes in a variety of styles and designs ranging from task notes with special messages to bubble notes, scrap papers etc.

-Notice Board background themes with many attractive textures and colors

-Custom folders to organize notes into categories such as shopping, birthday, travel, personal etc.

-'Important' folder for all notes, across all categories, marked as 'important'

-'Secret' folder for restricting access to selected notes

StickMe Notes with Voice.. Screenshots