Stenosaur Personal Microjournal

Stenosaur Personal Microjournal

Journaling for your real life

Press Release - Stenosaur Personal Microjournal

Stenosaur is a different kind of journal. Instead of long daily entries, it records short thoughts as you have them. With its streamlined interface, adding something never takes more than a tap.

Compared to most journals, Stenosaur is less structured and more introspective. Instead of tracking your GPS coordinates or assigning an emoticon to each day, it's about letting go of mental filters and perfectionism and capturing an honest snapshot of your thoughts. Entries can be added and deleted, but can't be edited -- as soon as you create one it's saved with a timestamp, just like a tweet, so you can go back and review the flow of your thoughts throughout any day. If you've never been able to stick with a journaling habit before, you might be surprised how fast your thoughts add up when you can add a sentence or two anytime.

Perfect for:
* General journaling
* Idea log for creative artists
* Stream of consciousness
* Beating writer's block
* Tracking depression / ADD
* Dream journal

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