A full statistical breakdown of your email

Press Release - StatPal

Do you want to know how many emails you send daily, weekly, monthly and annually? Which day of the week is busiest for receiving emails? Who sends you the most emails and where are most of your emails sent?

Get a full statistical breakdown of your email usage. You may be amazed by the number of emails you send and receive daily and who your top recipients and senders are.

If you are like us and send hundreds of emails a day, let our little StatPal robot do all the hard work of analyzing everything for you. StatPal allows you to gather analytics for as many Gmail accounts as you want. Simply click on Add Gmail account and analyze your regular email, your business email, and even your junk email. As long as your email addresses are hosted with Gmail, you can analyze them.

StatPal uses Google OAuth, which means StatPal will never see or store your email address or password.