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Press Release - StackCalc

Have you ever added a list of numbers together twice and gotten a different answer both times? Which one is right? Did you then try it again a third time and still not know for sure? Use StackCalc to verify your calculations and look for errors you couldn't find otherwise!

StackCalc is a calculator App that neatly tracks everything you've entered for easy viewing at any time. Watch the numbers you're entering stack together, so you can see exactly what you've entered and where the numbers may be inaccurate. Even if you're doing calculations using more advanced mathematics, just enter in all the numbers and view your entire calculation process from start to finish even after you've pressed the 'equals' button!

With StackCalc, you are able to navigate expressions. As the complexity of your calculations increase you can use the built-in expression panel to navigate around to review and make changes. You can also use gestures like swipe, pull, and push to interact with and rapidly fix or change your calculation.

Enjoy the beautiful visuals and bright, clean design of StackCalc. Most of all, enjoy getting all your calculations right the first time!

StackCalc Screenshots