Spellcraft - Collectable Card Game

Spellcraft - Collectable Card Game

Explore a world in cards!

Press Release - Spellcraft - Collectable Card Game

Get ready for the most highly acclaimed new CCG with extreme tactical play. Spellcraft is designed by card players for card players, with beautiful artwork and music.

Play with cards such as Cloud of Bats, Flamespider, Spore Farm, Cave Rats, Skeleton Crew, and Death is Inevitable. Explore an entire world, with continents explained in depth, including Kraken’s Reach- the very deepest, darkest ocean depths, Tritonia- the underwater city of the Tritons, and Caldera- the city of fire giants.

Spellcraft has both extensive single player campaigns and  two-player duels and rankings. This game is easy to learn, but challenging to master. Explore this multi-layered world for hours on end, and win the game!

Spellcraft - Collectable Card Game Screenshots