A modern revival of a classic kids educational game!

Press Release - Spell&Speak

Remember the classic red spelling machine you had as a kid, with a robot voice that taught you how to spell and pronounce words? Spell&Speak is a tribute to that classic red machine game- 'Speak and Spell.' This app is a portable version of an educational toy that has thrilled generations, teaching children to read and write while having a whole lot of fun. Our new digital version retains the flavor and simplicity of the original game.

Though the game is for children ages 3 and up, it's also fun and suitable for adults with a hint of nostalgia who want to remember the fun times playing and learning to spell. Parents can have a fun throwback while teaching their children all sorts of new words.

Use the "Best Voice" mode to have the app say words with the same robot voice from the original toy. Play Spell&Speak with all sorts of different game modes, including Spell, Say It, Letter, Code and Mystery Word. We now even have the ability to learn to spell and say Italian words while receiving instructions in English.

Spell&Speak helps children learn words in all sorts of different ways. It can say words out loud and have them spell, or it can spell the words and have children say them out loud. It can also teach children how to use and pronounce different letters of the alphabet. The app can even turn a word or sentence into a secret code!

Spell&Speak is compatible with headphones, so your child can play on the app for hours while letting parents enjoy some down time.

Spell&Speak is a Universal App and is compatible with all devices, including the New iPad with retinal display.