Solitaire Minute

Solitaire Minute

The most fun you can have with 52 cards in 60 seconds!

Press Release - Solitaire Minute

Are you ready for a timed Tri Peaks solitaire game that's so addictive you'll stay up all night trying to win? Try to clear your solitaire board by getting cards in ascending or descending order as a timer ticks down to zero. If you spot an available card that's also the next card in numerical order, play it as quickly as possible in order to beat the timer and win the game. You only have 60 seconds to win!

Solitaire Minute is based on Tri Peaks Solitaire where you play a card that's either one higher or one lower than the card dealt ( where Aces play to Kings and Kings play to Aces). The timer takes the game to a whole new level. You only have 60 seconds to finish the game.

You can extend your time by 10 more seconds if you think you are close to finishing, but every time you add 10 seconds, you lose one of your special stars. Stars are powerful allies in your race against time, and once you lose them, you don't get them back easily.

Think fast, and enjoy playing Solitaire Minute over and over again!

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