Your platform to complain!

Press Release - SoANNoYING

The world is an annoying place. Stop 'Liking' and start ranting!

Join the community of ranters on SoANNoYING -- a home for wound-up folks, girlfriends at their wits end, grumps, coworkers on the brink, roommates, travelers, salespersons or customers who can’t take anymore, and all of us who are about to…snap!

SoANNoYING is your platform to complain. Take a video or photo of what’s bothering you, tell everyone why, and vent.

Want to tell someone how you really feel? Send an ANNoY-A-GRAM – an anonymous e-mail telegram telling someone they are driving you nuts.


• Post video and photo annoyances

• Comment on posts

• Rate posts as ‘SoANNoYING’ or 'Get over it'

• Follow fellow ranters

• Anonymous community – no profiles or personal information required or shared

• Option to share posts on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail

• Send ANNoY-A-GRAMs to people that are bothering you

At SoA it is okay to share irritating observances: your husband’s shavings in the sink, a screaming baby at a restaurant, a couple wearing matching clothes, impossible packaging, heavy doors, the dumb rules we must follow, and the general infuriating nonsense that we all go through as consumers, students, employees and friends.

If you’re mad as hell, you don’t have to take it anymore!