Snip it, Test'em, Tease'em!

Press Release - SnipTease

The new thing is HERE!!

SnipTease: Social Photo/Video Sharing Game!

Experience a new, fun, unique, and mysterious way of sharing photos/videos! Tease your friend(s) by uploading a photo from your album or taking a video/photo in real time and attaching a question to your video/photo! Only if your friend(s) get your question right may they view your content! Now, if they do not know the answer to your question, they may request a hint, which opens a chat session!

SnipTease also allows you to directly send an uploaded photo or real time photo/video to your friend(s) without having to attach a question!

SnipTease is awesome because it combines social media with games into one cool app! I came up with the idea by thinking of ways that sending photos or videos can be more interesting, more mysterious and then I thought why not have users tease their friends by attaching questions to the media! This not only allows each user to get a feel of what the other person is about but also have fun doing it.

SnipTease is great for friends, couples, family, and meeting new people. Also when there are enough users on SnipTease it will be great for businesses who can reward customers by asking questions and if the users answer correctly they may be rewarded with a discount on a good. The options are endless!

SnipTease Screenshots