Ski Tracker

Ski Tracker

Track your ski-routes and speed using iPhone GPS!

Press Release - Ski Tracker

Ski Tracker: GPS Tracking for Skiers lets skiers and snowboarders track their paths down mountains.

Ski Tracker tracks speed, distance, time, and vertical drop, but the best part of this App is its maps. Color coded runs give a great visual experience showing where you got the most speed going down the mountain

Ski Tracker: GPS Tracking features beautiful and easy to use color coded maps of your ski or snowboarding runs. Your trails are colored based on how fast or slow you've gone down a mountain at every moment.

Now you can track your path and your speed down every mountain you ski or snowboard. See where you lost speed on your path and make up for it next time! Ski Tracker also tracks your distance, time, and vert drop. Once you're done tracking your ski stats, you can share your runs with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Use this all in one App to see your path, and challenge yourself to continue going farther and faster.

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