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Press Release - SimpleMic

Ever fumbled around with the clunky controls on existing audio recorder apps only to find that you didn't actually tap the "record" button when you thought you did, and now you missed that beautiful sound you were trying to capture? SimpleMic is the fast and elegant audio recorder for iOS that will never leave you cursing at tiny buttons again. This app offers a gesture-based interface that allows you to swipe or tap anywhere on screen to quickly start/stop or pause/resume recording so you never miss another beat. The lack of buttons and clutter gives way to a fullscreen glowing level meter that will truly mesmerize. Once you're done snagging audio, you can effortlessly share and upload to your favorite services or have recordings automatically synced to your Mac over iCloud via the SimpleMic Sync helper app. Here is a list of just some of the cool features we've packed into this tiny app:

 - Beautifully designed, gesture-based user interface makes it a breeze to effortlessly record audio.
 - Gorgeous glowing level meter gives a dazzling realtime representation of your audio.
 - 3 recording modes help you capture great sounding audio anytime, anywhere. 
 - "Record on Start" option to start recording automatically when app launches. 
 - Automatic geo-tagging as well as custom labels and notes. 
 - iCloud synching to your iTunes library via the SimpleMic Sync desktop helper app. 
 - Share, upload, or open in your favorite services (including SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and more).

SimpleMic was born out of my desire to have an audio recorder that would allow me to quickly capture musical ideas, without the added bulk of extraneous features. I wanted to build something efficient and useful, but also something that would delight and be fun to use. Through the use of gesture controls, vibrations, sound and visual effects, I believe I have produced a very tangible and engaging experience. I sincerely hope you can give it a try and agree.
SimpleMic ($1.99 introductory price, iOS 6 and later) is available on the iTunes App Store at: If you're interested in trying it out, I'd be happy to provide a promo code. You can read more about it at the apps website: Here is a video of SimpleMic in action: and a couple of screenshots follow below. Want more information? Here’s a full press kit for you to explore:

SimpleMic Screenshots