Shuffle 5

Shuffle 5

Gigantic Word Game - With Over 45,000 words! Entertain Your Brain NOW!!!

Press Release - Shuffle 5

Unscramble words as quick as you can! Do you think you're the word master? Can you spot a word even if it's completely jumbled? Shuffle 5 will put your word decoding abilities to the test! As of now, there are over *100* downloads a day in the App store.

Shuffle 5 has over 45,000 words that are all scrambled up and waiting to be decoded. Play in Countdown Mode and solve as many words as you can in 3 minutes. Play in Survival Mode and solve each word in under 20 seconds. Challenge friends to decode words faster than you, and see who can be the Shuffle 5 champion!

Shuffle 5 is a game of speed - the quicker you get the answer the more points you achieve! Enjoy hours of fun with friends and family, on the go or right at home!

Shuffle 5 is playable in 7 languages: